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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  October 22, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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right now he was a cop and pastor but now facings up to 18 years behind bars for sexually assaulting two young girls. >> and a mother and her four children forced to live in a home with raw sewage a story you will only see here. >> tension is rising inside the hearing room as clinton is grilled by the committee investigating the death of four americans in benghazi. i'll craig boswell on cat olympia hill -- capitol hill. more on the benghazi hearing ahead but first a former police officer and pastor is pleaded guilty to sexual assaulting two teenage girls. >> reporter: [inaudible] as he plead guilty to three
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separate crimes. he will likely spend two decades in jail and the rest of his life as a sex offender. attorneys for him and the government agreed to an 18 year sentence involving two women, three separate counts, holing horrible breaches in trust for him. he was a pastor and sergeant at a time the crimes happened. the victims were members of his church. one was abused by him inside the church office while he was wearing his police uniform also also abused while wearing his uniform. this time in police headquarters. the judge will have several months to consider if 18 years is enough of a penalty for him he will be sentenced in january. several victims family members were present in the courtroom. they showed little reaction one of his family membered stood outside saying she was to
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disturbed to go in. wusa9. a teenager who punched an elderly man has been sentenced to seven months in jail. he punched a 69-year-old man three times on that escalator at the eastern mark back in april. he is accused of punching a police officer as well. police say that the man who killed amanda jones called them 25 minutes before her murder to express concern about her safety. he is accused of stabbing her to death tuesday morning. mother of freddie gray attempted suicide. witnesses today asked about
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surveillance deo showing charles sev sev severance following the victim. prosecutors say should is her. family members say that this could not be him. they said that the man's looks all wrong. the trial continues tomorrow. a familiar lay is out of their home after an early morning fire. it happened in the early block of damascus. firefighters were hurt by a lack of hydrants. and now to a story you will see only on nine. after a woman tweeted us to alert us that the property management wasn't doing anything about raw sewagn her apartment. >> we went to investigate. some of the pictures could be hard to take. >> reporter: lisa harper her four children have been living in filth. ever since raw sewage starting bubbling up from her bathroom. she said the property management has done nothing to clean it up until we showed up.
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>> the smell is really strong. what happened is the bathroom over flowed. when i oked in there was water every under. the toilet was filled with water and seeping. >> reporter: lisa harper said raw sewage came up from her bathroom pipes pipes pipes and flowed in to her bathtub. she contacted contacted management but nothing was done. someone from consumer and regulatory affairs responded when she tweeted it out the next day. >> i said -- do you want to come take pictures of this? no. do you want to talk to my neighbors in. >> reporter: dcra said they needed to fix the problem and clean up the sewage. harper had to bathe her children in the kitchen sink >> this is sewage. it's not -- look at this. so it's in my son's room, many >> reporter: today when we showed up feces and maggots
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still remained. the property management didn't want to answer our questions. >> will you help her? >> no comment. >> reporter: only after our cameras were there and dcra inspectors showed up for the second day in a row did a cleaning crew start working on her apartment. >> it's not acceptable on any level. it's a bio has hard. it's disgusting i have children. >> reporter: the property management has agreed to fix the problem and clean up the mess. they also put up harper in a hotel in the meantime. dcra said they sent an inspector out but it's the landlord's responsibility to fix the problem and if they don't the city has the authority to close that building. police are scanning through footage after a stabbing in a northeast dc nightclub a 19- year-old eric jones was found inside the lounge in a 500 block of morris street around 11:15 this morning. jones was taken to the hospital
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where he was pronounced dead. that club is located near the university and union market. police are working to find a shortener another dc murder case. the man was shot at q and 19th around 9:30. the victim was an 18-year-old michelle hoya the driver remained on the screen and cooperated police and their investigation. you are looking live at hillary clinton testifying before a committee looking in to the attack on americans in libya. clinton is taking time out from her campaign for that long awaited appearance before a house select committee. craig boswell is on capitol hill. >> reporter: the former secretary of state arrived on capitol hill prepared to testify before a select committee looking in to the 2012 death of four americans at a united states compound. >> i thought more about what happened than all of you put together.
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i have lost more sleep than all of you put together. >> reporter: republicans say one thing she could have done is respond to requests for more security in libya from ambassador stevens. >> he asked multiple times for more protection. did he have your personal e- mail? >> he took those requests where he belonged, to the security people. >> reporter: democrats say the purpose of this investigation is to go after clinton and take down her presidential bid. >> when you look at the e- mails, and you look at the questioning. the purpose of this committee is to prosecute you. >> reporter: many of the questions focused on e-mails a clinton friend who would often e-mail about foreign policy issues. democrats argued that republicans are being selective with their questions and want her private testimony released to the public. >> we will release the e-mails let's do the transcripts. >> those are her e-mails. that's why they are released. they aren't her friend's e- mails. she has been saying since march
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i want the world to see them. >> the only person are you interested in was sydney. if you are so is interested in him release the transcripts. >> reporter: he said he will take up that motion at a later time. craig boswell. >> this is the eighth investigation looking in to the attacks and the third time that the secretary has testified. it's official paul ryan is in the running for house speaker the announcement came after a large majority of fire brand conversatives supported him. most of them known as the house freedom caucus said they would back him for the top job. ahead hundreds injured, manies of vehicles under recall and now the government said faulty air bags are not being fixed quickly enough. >> and coming up police are asking for your help tonight as the same man robbed the same bank in as many days. >> fill a mild night now. overnight tonight even though a
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cold front goes through. not that cold. 56 downtown. 40s. maybe 49 by daybreak. maybe 50 fairfax. 53 laboring. we will come back. we had to take changes to the weekend forecast.
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dc police are investigating the robbery of a northwest bank for the second time this week. just like on monday a robber demand money from the teller located in the 5,000 block of connecticut avenue northwest. police say it appears to be the same subject. authorities offering a five thousand dollar reward for information leading to an art. police are looking for a man accused of raping a 10 and 12-year-old girl. daniel rivera is a accused of taping the rape of the younger
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girl. the incidents happened earlier this month. rivera who is from el salvador may be trying to leave the country. [inaudible] have sparked outrage. the false charge post published letters of support from current and former falls church city officials for miracle gardner. the chair has been sentenced to 20 years after pleading guilty in two separate cases. still to come a man in a star was mask wages war against a school in sweden. >> up next. we head to the white house where the president is setting his sights on pakistan's nuclear program.
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are you looking live at the white house where today the president met with pakistan's prime minister on the agenda, united states financial aid to islamabad and delayed negotiations for peace in afghanistan and the country's nuclear program the president said the united states is looking to deepen relations with pakistan. >> we are looking forward to using this meeting as an opportunity to further deepen the relationship between the united states and pakistan.
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school attack with a man with a sword has left two dead and two injured in sweden. at tacker who wore a mask was shot by police but not killed. four of the injured are children. crimes like these are rare in sweden. authorities do not know what motivated it. a man in mexico is facing murder charges for a road rage killing of a 4-year-old. police say that he admitted to shooting into a car driven by the father of lily garcia. after the exchange of heated words perez started shooting at the family vehicle. >> this is a complete disrespect of human life. >> >> lily's father remembered his daughter an social media writing she was the light of my life. my little girl showed me how to love. >> that breaks your heart. regulators are considering
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taking over the largest auto recall in united states history to speed up the repair of defective air bags. >> they are responsible for eight deaths and nearly 100 injuries. regulators are urging people to avoid that and get the car fixed as soon as possible. >> these cars need to get fixed. >> reporter: the safety administration is urging drivers to check if their car is a effected by the air bag recall and get it fixed immediately. >> don't let this fall through the cracks. this is all about safety for you and your family. >> reporter: the air bags deploy with excessive force and could hurt drivers and passengers. 19.2million vehicles 12 manufacturers affected. less than one quarter of recalled inflators have been replaced nationwide. there aren't enough replacement parts available meaning some may need to get a temporary fix and go back again later.
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>> the interim remedy is safer than the original part. it'll still eventually have a chance of rupturing. >> reporter: drivers encouraged to go to safer to see if their number is listed there. if it is make an appointment with the car manufacturer for a free repair. kenneth craig. >> affected cars that are older and in high humidity areas getting priority. always watching, always tracking. wusa9 first alert weather. dc's most accurate. >> i thought it was a balmy day. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> it's pretty perfect. no complaints on my e-mails. >> nobody will complain about this weather >> and tomorrow won't be crazy cold. not the cold front we had over the weekend where it really knocked temperatures down. it'll just get us back to average levels. this is really a beautiful picture. taken this morning before five.
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venus at the top here. you don't need any equipment. tell scope. there is ve news, s and there is jupiter. tomorrow if you are -- look east and you will be able to is he vunu -- more planets. i think we will clear by then too many live look outside. 68. pretty warm. dew points back in the 50s. not a very cold night winder winds out of the south at eight. warm evening leads to a mild night. bus stop temperature 48 to 56. kind of cool through there bright and early. cooler finish to the week. it's perfect for high school football. game time temperatures in the 50s. high school football. clouds come in saturday that's one of our changes. it stays dry. we don't see showers on saturday. morning showers on sunday. could bleed in to the afternoon a little bit and perhaps sunday
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may be mildler. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. generally clear. few high clouds. 49 -- still 50 in cumberland. this is six in the morning. 52. by nine, we are still in the 50s. 54 in fairfax and 54 also in bouie. by one, low to mid60s. lows to average but what's nice is still 63 in cumberland. pretty much full sun. breezy to start. it'll give way to light winds in the afternoon. 62 also in leesburg and 62 in frederick burg. by 11. if you are out tomorrow night it's -- i get that. temperatures will fall quicker tomorrow. 46 in --. on the day planner. 50s to start. 64 by one. this is a far cry from the 70's
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today. saturday cool. clouds come in but dry. and showers in the morning. 66. the terps look fine the burg news, dy and gold have showers. next seven days. nice on monday, nice on tuesday. source, storm on wednesday near 710. 7áwk to 60 with morning showers on thursday. now. wusa nine game on sports with dave owens. brought to you by xfinity. >> across the state washington's defensive coaches work out a game plan against winston this weekend they are thinking let's stop the run and make the rookie throw it around a lot. when that happens winston has been prone to mistakes. that has to be the ticket for the since come sunday. winston like most has had his ups and downs, his first career pass was a pick 6. he is also show shown a lot of toughness. engineeringengineering wins
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over the saints and not a -- he is a rookie but jay says he is also dangerous . >> they have martin going at a high level and they are hard to stop. we can make a one dissension million and get a lead on him. force him to throw the ball and get the pressu. @é thirst night football coming up. that means its time for the key ingredient. 49ers seahawks, i'm going with collin. i have -- people say he looks like me. i don't think looks that good. that game kicks off in about an hour. both teams in -- it's a must
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win game for both of emth. should be good. we willh 4h
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the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding v to restrict women's health clinics in manassas, forcing women to go elsewhere jerecpmy m is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate, and i sponsored this ad.
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that's our news at seven. >> anything to add? >> leslie foster. adam after the game tonight. have a good evening. >> good night everybody.
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closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> seattle seeks to lower the boom and return to championship form. while the 49ers take aim at their first winning streak of the season. >> he's in for a touchdown! >> a bitter battle for


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